Beginner’s Guide

What are binary options?

Binary option trading, also called fixed return options (FRO) or digital options, is a method of online investing that began gaining popularity in 2008. When trading binary options, the investor must predict the movement of an asset’s value before a set expiry time. If the prediction is correct, the option will expire “in the money”, resulting in a fixed return that is structured as a percentage of the initial investment. If the prediction is incorrect, the option will expire “out of the money” and will not yield a profit.

Why trade binary options with Rumelia Capital?

Trading in the traditional market is a complicated and time-consuming endeavor. It involves hiring a broker and combing through pages of options – not to mention waiting for monthly, quarterly, and yearly exchange reports. But trading binary options is different. Novices and experienced investors alike can profit quickly, easily, and enjoyably on Rumelia Capital’s streamlined trading platform. Investors have the opportunity to earn high, fixed returns of 60-85% depending on the initial investment. Trading involves simple high/low features with expiry times ranging from 60 seconds to one year. Additionally, our team of professional analysts is here to offer trading assistance and guidance.

How to Trade

In order to place a trade, follow the steps below:

  1. Pick an asset from the drop-down asset menu.
  2. Select an expiry time from the drop-down expiry menu.
  3. Click the up or down arrow to predict whether your asset’s price will increase (call)
    or decrease (put).
  4. Enter your desired investment amount in the blank.
  5. Click the “confirm” button to place your trade.


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