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Islamic Trading Account

Islamic Trading Account Rumelia Capital is proud to offer an Islamic Trading Account, specially designed to meet the needs of our Muslim clients. Islamic Trading Accounts are Sharia Law compliant, and 100% interest-free. All Islamic Trading Account holders are entitled to the following benefits:

1. Halal Assets
Rumelia Capital provides certain assets that are prohibited by Sharia Law, such as stocks of interest-based business, or companies involved in gambling/wine. However, Islamic Trading Account holders are only offered Halal assets that are in full compliance with Sharia Law.

2. No Riba Policy
Our “No Riba” policy allows our Muslim clients to keep their positions open until an expiry time of their choosing, without being subject to any additional charges or hidden fees.

3. Swap-Free No
interest rates are applied to overnight open positions or long-term open positions. Muslim clients can be confident that trading with Rumelia is never subject to interest.

4. Hibah
Rumelia Capital recognizes and respects the importance of Hibah. Hence, our Muslim clients have the opportunity to donate a percentage of their profit to charitable organizations if desired. Rumelia Capital is happy to facilitate these Hibah contributions without charging any fees for this service. Please contact our Customer Support Team for more information, or click here to open an Islamic Trading Account today.


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