Privacy Policy

We at Rumelia Capital use the full extent of our capabilities to ensure security, privacy, and confidentiality for all of our clients. In order to provide superior quality assurance, our data protection policy is updated regularly.

  1. All Rumelia Capital clients voluntarily consent to give Rumelia Capital access to client information, including transaction records and interactions with Rumelia Capital.
  2. Rumelia Capital keeps records of all client interactions, which may be retrieved in case of disputes between the client and Rumelia Capital.
  3. For identity verification purposes, Rumelia Capital may collect private information from its clients via data tracking software.
  4. Rumelia Capital uses cookies to collect additional data in order to add privacy and security measures, as well as track the use of our site (
  5. As mentioned in the Rumelia Capital Terms and Conditions, clients must provide accurate identity verification documents and information in order to have access to our services. Any clients that have changes in personal information must immediately update our website to reflect said changes. These measures protect trading activity on the Rumelia Capital trading platform, secure client trading, and deter money laundering and fraud.
  6. Clients must provide written verification confirming that they are freely registering for a Rumelia Capital trading account on their own accord, and not on behalf of another individual or through coercion. If any fraudulent, devious, or otherwise illegal activity is detected in any trading accounts, they will be suspended or deactivated.
  7. At Rumelia Capital, protecting private client information is paramount. No information will be shared with third parties unless the client gives prior consent in writing. However, this excludes specific cases in which Rumelia Capita may be subject to the legal requirements in a client’s jurisdiction.
  8. Upon agreeing to the Rumelia Capital Terms and Conditions, clients consent to receiving contact from Rumelia Capital employees via telephone or email. Clients may elect to prohibit further contact from Rumelia Capital at any time, simply by contacting the company by email or phone and requesting to cease contact with some or all company employees.


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