Trading Tools

Trading Tools

Trading tools are designed to help you maximize your success. You can increase your returns for profitable trades with our Double Up feature, use our Rollover feature to protect yourself from an impending loss, or sell your asset early with our Early Sell feature if you are feeling cautious. Take success into your own hands.


We’ve all experienced it: that sinking feeling when your trade is about to expire out of the money. With our Rollover feature, there’s no reason to fret. As long as the trade in question is not in the last expiry time of the day, you can use Rollover to extend the expiry time of your trade, giving it the chance to achieve a more favorable position. 50% of your initial investment amount will be added to the trade that you extend, which will yield you a larger profit if your trade expires in the money.


Sometimes, the best option is to play it safe, and Early Sell can help you do exactly that. You can sell your trade for a fixed price up until you are halfway through your expiry time.


If you’re feeling confident that your position is going to expire in the money, why not maximize your profits? With Double Up, you can double your potential return by doubling your investment. Your direction and expiration time will remain the same, but your entry rate will be updated to the time of the Double Up. Please note that this feature is tailored for experienced traders who understand market trends.


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